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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

The second week since our barber shop opening here in Zurich is coming to an end. We thought it would therefore be a good time to reflect on these past days and to present the team we have started this amazing adventure with.

After multiple hair cuts, beard trims, beard shaves, wax services and some facials, we are very proud that our hard work is proving to be noticeable by our clients and many have already left us very positive reviews. Thank you so much to all of you who are contributing to this success, we really appreciate it and we will continue to try our best in every visit you pay us!


We would like to use this opportunity for you to meet the core team of this exclusive barber shop here in Zurich, who will be looking forward to greeting you in your next visit.


Barber Zurich

Gill is a master barber who started his education and professional career in Madrid, Spain. He has experience in some of the most renowned barbershops in the financial districts of London and Spain. He enjoys perfectionism and is therefore always trying to understand the best haircut and beard style for every client. He is very approachable and will give you a good talk if that’s what you want through this barber experience.

He speaks Spanish, English, Italian and is currently learning German.



Zurich Barber

Dakota is a master barber who started his education and professional career in Malaga, Spain. He also has experience in working in the Zurich financial district as a barber of reference for many clients. He pays close attention to details and is passionate in serving each client with a unique experience.

He speaks Spanish, German, Italian and English.


As a team, you will always see them smiling and greeting each client in a tailored manner. You will come to this barber shop and feel at home, whilst getting your top quality service(s). Examples of these are:

  • When arriving, you will be offered a beverage of your choice, it can go from a made to order coffee to a beer.

  • When getting a haircut, you will relax with a scalp massage at the time of washing your hair, always using the best hair shampoos for men in the world.

  • With your beard treatment, you will also receive a massage, and you will be able to select the beard oil that best matches your treatment wish or smell preferences.

  • The facials are a ritual on their own, from cleaning your face to applying the selected treatment, and never stopping the massage. For the anti ageing, this includes the application of Retinol and for the hydration one, it includes the application of specific products for lip and eye contours.

  • Each customer will have their clean barber cape when arriving.

  • Each customer will have their clean brushes and towels during the treatment. Scissors and machines are disinfected after each use and this is made in front of you.


As a reminder, we are currently running an offer for all new clients. Every service will be discounted 15% off at the first visit, when booking online. This offer applies until 15th April 2022.

Possible ways to book online are through:

We are planning to do an opening celebration soon (once we’ve settled a bit more on this location), please stay tuned for further details in our social media. We would love to see you celebrate with us!

See you soon,

The Good Barbers

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