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Clay Pomade, Texture Pomade, and Cream Pomade: Which one is suitable to style your hair?

Guide and tips from our barber shop in Zurich

You must have heard the word "pomade" when it comes to styling men's hair, but you may not know much about what it is and the different options available in the market. Don't worry; we, The Good Barbers, are here to guide you through the pomade world and help you choose among different types. So, let's start.

Pomade: Its Purpose and Benefits

Pomade is a waxy substance used to style hair on the head, sideburns, mustache, and beard. It gives hair a dark, shiny, and sleek look.

Pomade has the strength to hold the hair in place for a manageable hairstyle. It does not become dry, so it keeps hair flexible and natural while giving hair a wet look.

Hairstyles with pomade are highly used in business and informal settings and in any culture.

But there are different types of pomade, and picking one does not ensure it will suit your hair, or you will get a hairstyle with the desired look, even risking having your hair appear stiff / crisp.

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." - Harry Winston

The below guide will help you choose the best pomade for your hair type.

Clay Pomade

This pomade is perfect for adding volume and thickness to hair. That's why clay pomade is an ideal choice for thin and fine hair. Moreover, if you are a slick-back-like hairstyles lover with matte hair finish and firm hold, clay pomade is a must for you. It is also great for handling sweat and humidity and giving a grit finish to the hair.

Texture Pomade

Texture pomade is excellent for adding texture and volume to the hair. It is suitable for medium density hair and to make modern-day hairstyles like messy, undone look hairstyles. Texture pomade provides a firm matte hold without any crunch or crispiness in hair.

Cream Pomade

Barbers use cream pomade on hair requiring a light hold and moisture-rich look. It smooths and softens the hair while defining it. Cream pomades are ideal for thin to thick hair. The low shine finish that cream pomade provides in hairstyles makes it a priority for many men.

Pomade is an essential ritual for any Zürich barber that can be seen in any barber shop in Zürich to style men's hair.

Best for:



Clay Pomade

Thin hair


Firm hold, grit finish

Texture Pomade

Medium density hair


Messy, informal look

Cream Pomade

Thin to thick hair


Light hold, moisture

How to Use Any Pomade? A Quick Hack Guide

Our well-versed barbers, famous in the whole of Zürich, showed how they professionally style hair with pomade in the barbershop. And we are sharing those quick tips with you. Enjoy!

Step 1: Scoop out the gentle amount of pomade depending on the density of hair.

Step 2: Rub the pomade between hands to spread it in inner hands. Remember, if the pomade is thicker, you need to spread it on a larger area of your hands for better application on hair.

Step 3: Apply pomade on wet or dry hair, finger-combing the hair in which direction your hairstyle will be. However, it is best to apply pomade on wet hair if it is extremely wavy or curly to keep the hair pattern intact while styling the hair. Otherwise, use it on dry hair.

Step 4: Make a hairstyle with desired comb/brush but use a wide-tooth comb in the end for a great natural texture.

Now, you know which pomade is best for you and how to style your hair with it. But pomade will only work the best and is suitable for your hair health if it is of high quality.

Redken Brews Pomade:

Typically, pomades are oil-based and are formulated to give a manageable and sleek look all day. But oil-based pomade does not protect against dehydration and causes clogging of the hair follicles, which contributes to lousy hair health and scalp skin problems if not washed out properly and regularly.

While the Redken Brews pomades are water-based, these do not cause any problem like oil-based pomades and also provide a firm but ultra-natural-looking hold to hair. Therefore, quality-wise, there is nothing better than Redken Brews' pomade, which has numerous positive responses.

But you should know a trusted supplier first to get a genuine product, which is also sold at a competitive price, and we, The Good Barbers, are here for it.

So, use the below links to purchase the pomade you have decided:

Go style your hair; we can't wait to know your styling experience with Redken Brews' pomade.

Important Reminder

Before you style your hair, your hair must have a specific cut to achieve your favorite hairstyle, and for a professional and impeccable hair service, come to our barber shop in Zürich. We organize an online booking system to ease your reach to us, the renowned barbershop "The Good Barbers" in Zürich, to give you a chance to flatter your style with the best Zürich Barber easily.

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