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Best Haircut and Beard Shape for Your Face – Your ultimate guide

Let us ask you two questions; if your answer to any of this two is yes, then this article is a must-read for you.

  1. Have you tried a haircut or beard shape that you were mesmerized with over a long time, but it did not turn out flattering? Or,

  2. Do you want to change your style but fear that you would face weird gazes at you?

If yes, you need to determine your face shape and pick a haircut and beard shape according to it. For this, the best barber shop in Zürich "The Good Barbers" is here to help you.

In this guide, we focus on suggesting such haircuts and beard styles that look great and complementary together, and the best products to style a specific beard and haircut. So, let's start!


How to know your face shape?

There are seven face shapes of men, as below in the picture; have a glance at it to know your face shape and its name.

Men's face shape chart
Men's face shape chart. Source: Pinterest

If you can't find out your face shape, are confused between two face shapes, or want to accurately figure out your face shape, read the below-listed method to measure your face shape.

How to measure your face to figure out face shape? A guide from the best barber shop in Zürich

Measuring your face helps you determine your face shape. It may sound complex on the rest of the internet, but we will make it easy. Just pick a flexible measuring tape, stand in front of the mirror, and follow these four simple steps.

  1. Measure your forehead in a horizontal manner, halfway between your hairline and eyebrows.

  2. Measure the area between the highest points of cheekbones that is below the outer corner of the eyes.

  3. Now, lay the flexible tape straight with no bent or curve below the ear (where the jaw starts) and measure towards the tip of the chin at one side of the face. Then multiply the calculation by 2 to measure the whole jaw.

  4. Measure the face length vertically from the center of your hairline to the tip of the chin.

That's it for measuring the face shape. Make sure to write the measurement after following each step. Measurement is the main thing to help in figuring out your face shape. Please keep it in front of you and match it with every face shape we discuss, and know your face shape at any next moment.


If the face length is greater and the forehead, cheekbone, and jawline are of the same size, then your face shape is rectangular or oblong.







Best haircut and beard for your face shape: The most practical styles disclosed by the best barber shop in Zürich, The Good Barbers

Now you have figured out your face shape, see your face shape below and know the best haircut and beard shape styles for it. Let's begin.


Most Suitable Styles for Oblong Face Shape:

Style focus for rectangle or oblong face shape is making it look wider to balance with the length of face shape.


Any textured haircut with medium hair length on top with fuller sides like classic side-swept style or side swept crew cut is best for square face shape.

Any hairstyle that is longer on top will elongate the face shape, and thinned/faded/tapered sides will make a face appear slimmer, and both of these features are not considered charming for a square face.

Beard Shapes:

Avoid a longer beard and grow it higher, reaching the cheeks to make your face appear wider. Also, don't opt for pointy beards.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:


Most Suitable Styles for Diamond Face Shape:

A haircut and beard focus for a diamond face shape is to elongate the forehead and widen the jaw.


Faux hawk, textured top, long fringe, and slick back are the best haircuts for diamond face shape.

These haircuts will hide narrow forehead and cheekbone pop. Consider this when choosing any other haircut for a diamond face shape.

Avoid haircuts with angles and lines. It can make facial features sharper.

Beard Shapes:

For concealing a pointed chin and slim jaw, diamond-face-shaped men are usually advised to have fuller beards. However, you can also have a dense short scruffy beard.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:

For strong hold slick back hairstyle:Uppercut Monster Hold Styling wax - 70g


Most Suitable Styles for Square Face Shape:

The square face shape is already wider, so the goal is to avoid any style and give more width to it.


Buzz cut, French crop, standard side part, quiffs, and pompadour are flattering on square face shape, but only if these haircuts have closed, short and tight sides.

Avoid any haircut that has bulkier sides.

Beard Shapes:

Goatee, petite goatee, royale beard, and circle beard are the best beard shapes for a square face because it does not have any sharp angles and still show a masculine jaw.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:


Most Suitable Styles for Heart Face Shape:

The goal of styling the heart face shape is to make the chin look wider.


Messy fringe and wavy textured (side-parted) haircuts are the super charming idea for heart face shape.

Avoid haircuts that are heavy/heightened on top and middle-parted hairstyles.

Beard Shapes:

A short beard like a five o'clock shadow beard is an excellent idea to create depth in the lower half face that complements the heart face shape more than any beard style.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:


Most Suitable Styles for Triangle Face Shape:

To even out the asymmetricity of face shape, hair volume is the key to making haircut and beard shape flattering.


Comb-over, crew cut, and textured quiff are excellent for triangular face shape.

Make sure there is a lot of hair volume at the top of the head and also even on the sides of the head, so it makes the forehead and cheekbone wider. Moreover, don't cover your head with fringe.

Beard Shapes:

The full beard is the best style to conceal a wider jaw of a triangle face shape.

You can have fuller, longer bread, full and pointy beard, or a fuller box beard.

Partial braids are not a good idea for a triangle face shape.

You can have a thicker and fuller mustache.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:

Powder for volume and grip: Redken - Powder grip - 03


Most Suitable Styles for Oval Face Shape:

Oval face shape offers more versatility in choosing haircut and beard shape but choosing wisely otherwise face shape can start looking more rounded.


A mid-fade big pompadour, undercut, and taper fade with a quiff, and crop with faded sides and back are great options for oval face shape.

However, you can go for any haircut that is longer on top with less hair on the sides and back of the head.

Avoid fringe or falling on your forehead because it can make your face look more rounded.

Beard Shapes:

Like hairstyle, you can go for any beard shape. However, your chosen beard must be squared at the jaw, shorter on the sides, and cut underneath.

The clean beard lines on the cheeks make the face shape more eye-catching.

The great thing is oval faces have a 'no beard' option too.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:


Most Suitable Styles for Round Face Shape:

For removing roundness from the face, the goal is to add as many lines and angles as possible to the haircut and beard style.


Spiky cuts, side-swept brush-up, or any hairstyle that offer mid fade on the side and longer, fuller on top.

Faded sides will make a face slimmer, and the fuller top will elongate the face shape.

The buzz cut is not a wise choice for a round face; it makes a face look more rounded.

Beard Shapes:

Van dyke beard with detached mustache, short box beard with trimmed sides, and anchor beard are fabulous styles for round face shape. Make sure not to pair these beard styles with a fuller mustache that almost covers the upper lip.

Products for Styling:

Products that are best for described styles are:

Super strong gel: Reuzel Fiber Gel - 200ml

Medium hold pomade: Uppercut Matte Pomade - 100g

Chart guide to find the best haircut and beard shape for every face:

The professionals in the best Zürich barber shop, The Good Barbers, have also arranged a chart guide to ease you in picking a haircut and beard shape.

Face shape


Beard shape

What to avoid


​Classic side-swept style.

Side-swept crew cut.

Any beard and grow it higher reaching the cheeks.

Pointy beard is not a good option.


Faux hawk.

Textured top.

Long fringe.

Slick back.

Fuller beard.

Dense short scruffy beard.

​Avoid haircut with angles and lines.


Buzz cut.

French crop.

Standard side part.




Petite goatee.

Royale beard.

Circle beard.

Avoid any haircut that has bulkier sides.


Messy fringe.

Wavy textured haircut.

Short beard.

Five o'clock shadow beard.

Avoid haircut heavy / heighted on top and middle parted hairstyles.



Crew cut.

Textured quiff.

Fuller longer beard.

Full and pointy beard.

Fuller box beard.

Don’t cover the head with fringe.

Avoid partial beard.


Mid-fade big pompadour.


Taper fade with quiff.

Crop with faded sides and back.

Any beard style that is squared at jaw and shorter on sides.

No beard.

Avoid fringe.


Spiky cut.

Side-swept brush-up.

Van dyke beard with detach mustache.

Short box beard with trimmed sides.

Anchor beard.

Buzz cut is not a good idea.

Avoid mustache style that cover upper lip.

Even The Best-Suited Haircut Will Not Flatter Your Face If...
Hair is not cut well.

And we are here to save you from every haircut that can mess with your dapper style. Use the links below to book your appointment with the best barber shop in Zürich.

For the desired haircut: Haircare

For desired beard cut: Beard care

Haircut + hair color: Combos

And finally, see the link to our blog post where we explain the different haircuts that are possible: What haircut should you ask for?

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